How to Propose Long Distance

How to Propose Long Distance. Most people enter into marriage with the mindset that it lasts forever; therefore, they want the proposal to be a one-of-a-kind, special and memorable event in their life. Even if you and your loved one live miles apart a memorable engagement is possible.

Incorporate personal themes specific to your relationship such as a memorable place, song, movie or event. If your significant other loves a specific artist or song then incorporate the song into the proposal. Use it as background music or some of the lyrics as part of the marriage proposal.

Be creative and make a visual proposal. Make a video proposing to your girlfriend and send it online or through the mail. Tell them to call you when they receive it, but before they open it, so you can hear the reaction. Placing a proposal on a billboard provides another visual option sure to be memorable and catch attention.

Send a proposal via the Internet using email or an instant message accompanied with a love note. Send an e-card from sites such as Hallmark that already have the proposal as part of a card.

Use the radio to propose. Call in to make a song request and dedication in the form of a marriage proposal to your special someone's favorite radio station. Be sure that they are listening to the radio when you call.

Have a back up plan in case your loved one misses the mail or doesn't listen to the radio. Always follow up with a phone call to hear the response and to be sure your question was actually delivered.