How to Print Names on T-Shirts

Printing your name on a T-shirt can simply be a fun project or a necessity to make your softball team look more official. There are numerous ways to print names on T-shirts, from the cheap do-it-yourself route to a professional silk screener. Which method you choose will result in varying degrees of aesthetic design and durability.

Print your name on special iron-on paper. Using a traditional ink jet printer, iron-on transfer paper and a word-processing application, you can easily print out your own name and iron it on to your shirt. This is by far the cheapest solution, accomplishing the task but lacking a professional look. If you are just looking to do this for fun, this is the way to go.

Design your own T-shirt online. Numerous sites have popped up that allow you to completely design your own T-shirt, including graphics, numbers and text. You design the shirt for free and pay per shirt printed. This adds a much higher level of customization, but you are limited to the graphics and fonts provided by the service. The price is reflective of the number of shirts you order; the more shirts you order the less cost per shirt.

Find a local silk-screening shop. By visiting a shop that specializes in silk screening, you talk with the person creating your shirt so it looks, feels and fits exactly how you would like it to. If you wanted a special placement of your name, a place like this can best do that for you. The price will rival that of the online shops, but you may be able to barter a bit.