How to Plan Finger Food for Game Night

How to Plan Finger Food for Game Night. Game night wouldn't be complete without a few bowls of munchies around the table. As a recreational activity, game-playing naturally leads to snacking and eating. A few platters of finger food makes things go better, and increases everyone's enjoyment of the evening. If you plan to have finger food for the next game night at your place, it pays to follow a few easy steps.

Find out how many people are coming to game night. You should always plan to have enough for everyone to eat, and it can be disruptive to run out to the store to get more food when more people show up than you anticipated.

Estimate how much time your game night will take. Games that last for just a couple of hours can do with easy "snackable" finger foods. Game nights that go on longer than that need more substantial finger foods--almost meals--to keep people from getting the munchies in the middle of the evening.

Select finger foods that won't stain or damage the game board and pieces. Sloppy foods, sauces and foods with a lot of grease in them leave stains that can hurt your gaming equipment. Find foods that don't leave a mess.

Pick finger foods that can be consumed easily, without a knife or fork. When you're playing cards, rolling dice, or moving figures around a board, it becomes difficult to handle utensils at the same time.

Find finger foods that match the themes or ideas of the games you're playing. Brightly colored, upbeat games play well with candy and sweets, while popcorn helps to enhance the mood of movie trivia games.

Make sure your finger foods match any beverages you wish to serve.

Arrange your finger foods where everyone can reach them. The game can be disrupted when people are constantly getting up for snacks or reaching over the board for a bowl on the other side of the table. Use multiple bowls or platters to hold your finger foods, and place them evenly around the game board so that everyone can comfortably reach them.