How to Plan a Shotgun Wedding

How to Plan a Shotgun Wedding. If you have to get married quickly it can be really stressful getting everything in order for the big day. While shotgun weddings can take place for any number of reasons, you still want the wedding day to be special even if you're planning a bigger wedding for later.

Get a marriage license. States have different laws regarding requirements and wait times for obtaining a marriage license. So if you have to get married fast, keep that in mind as you plan your wedding.

Schedule an appointment to get married at the courthouse. You can probably do this the same time you go to obtain your marriage license. The clerk should be able to tell what judge is available and when to perform a shotgun wedding.

Secure two people to act as witnesses to your shotgun wedding.

Purchase rings that can stand in for the real thing until you have the time and/or money to purchase better wedding bands.

Decide what you're going to wear. If you want to go formal he can always rent a tux and a nice dress can be bought from a major department store or bridal shop right off the rack that should suffice nicely for a shotgun wedding.

Meet at the courthouse, exchange vows with the justice of the peace and your shotgun wedding will be complete. Be sure all parties sign the marriage license to make it official, legal and binding.