How to Plan a Flag Day Ceremony

How to Plan a Flag Day Ceremony. Flying the United States flag is a privilege. It is more than a piece of fabric waving in the wind. It symbolizes freedom that was begotten thanks to the sacrifice of many. Plan a Flag Day ceremony to honor the flag and those who gave their lives defending it. An inspiring observance will educate and instill a greater appreciation for the spirit of the flag and love for the country.

Form a Flag Day Committee to plan the event. Split into subcommittees and delegate specific responsibilities. Tasks to be completed include inviting a guest speaker and other guests of honor; pulling a burn permit; and planning music, entertainment, refreshments, if any are to be served, and decorations.

Use an honor guard to open the ceremony. Ask a veterans' organization such as the American Legion or Veterans of Foreign Wars or representatives from a branch of the military to supply guards and possibly flags for this duty.

Select a master of ceremonies to lead the audience in proper flag etiquette. Stand and salute as the honor guard enters the room with the flags and posts them in the stands. Remain standing as the master of ceremonies or a member of the honor guard leads the Pledge of Allegiance.

Sing the National Anthem after the Pledge of Allegiance. Choose other music or entertainment that compliments the patriotic Flag Day theme.

Invite a guest speaker who is knowledgeable on the chosen topic and will inspire the audience.

Plan a flag burning ceremony outdoors to demonstrate the correct way to dispose of a worn or torn flag. Prepare the burn area in advance. Request the presence of a veterans' group member qualified and willing to perform the ceremony. Secure a permit to burn and notify the fire department well in advance.

End the program with a fun activity. Consider games or a picnic.