How to Organize a Rock Concert

Organizing a rock concert requires careful planning, plenty of time and a long to-do list, however, if done properly a rock concert can be organized and executed for just about any occasion. Whether you need to raise money for a child with cancer, want to help local farmers wiped out by a flood or just want to make money for your business, a rock concert is a viable option.


Begin planning a year ahead of your desired concert season. Decide how many people you want to attend, locate a venue that will accommodate that number, and provide parking access, green (dressing) rooms, and backstage access. Obtain available concert dates and requirements of venue owners for putting on a concert.

Check with local city and county government offices about required noise variances, capacity permits and other paperwork required for putting on a concert. Get all required permits signed and any needed variances approved.

Contact promoters or managers of bands that you want to perform. Let them know the concert date, venue location, expected audience size and ticket revenue, backstage accommodations and parking arrangements. Invite several more bands than you expect to use so when some decline or are already booked for that date you still have the desired number of acts for your event.

Line up caterers and limos for event day. Request a list of needs from each band (e.g.: bands may have certain food requests for their backstage space). Choose one person who will be responsible for filling all requests for each band.

Print tickets. Advertise on radio, television and in print publications. Contact band representatives two weeks and again one week prior to the event to ensure they are still committed to performing. Arrange for additional security through the local police department or a private security company.