How to Oil an Electric Razor

by Sarah Coennen ; Updated September 28, 2017

Electric razors are used to trim or shave facial hair and can be used to shave other parts of the body as well. With electric razors, many different attachments are included for different lengths of shaving your hair. There is a foil attachment and several removable guards. You should clean underneath the guards after every shave to remove whiskers in order to keep your razor running smoothly. The razor needs to be oiled every so often to reduce any metal to metal rubbing.

Remove any guard that is on the razor.

Brush thoroughly to clean off any cut whiskers.

Spray or squeeze oil in the metal opening.

Place a cover on the razor and turn the razor on.

Listen for a change in speed on the razor. This is how you know that the oil is working.


  • There are several types of razor oil available for purchase at stores where razors are sold as well as online.

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