How to Match Watches With Clothes

by Harvey Michales

Getting dressed in your best pair of slacks and a nice dress shirt can be negated if you wear an old, worn-out watch. Have three watches--a dress watch, a casual watch and a spot watch--in order to go with any outfit you plan on wearing. The trick is to know which to wear with what and matching them so they go together well.

Step 1

Pick out three watches that you have and make sure that one of them is a dress watch, one is a casual watch and one is a waterproof-type sport watch. Now you can match these with your wardrobe. Make sure that they are not worn out; if they are, you need to replace them. They need not be the most expensive watches, but if they're in good condition that will help match your clothes to them.

Step 2

Get your dress watch and hold it up against your dress clothes. This watch should have a silver or gold band of some sort and have a glass face with preferably a face with hands instead of digital numbers. This provides a classier look. You should match this watch with clothes that you will use when going out to parties or formal events. This watch will match with clothing such as slacks and formal event clothing.

Step 3

Hold up your casual watch, which could be a watch with more of a leather band look to it. While it is not too dressy, it should be nicer than your sport watch. This watch can either have hands to tell the time or have a digital look. This watch, when held up against your casual clothing, will go well together.

Step 4

Put on your sport watch and check out the active lifestyle clothing you have in your closet. This watch is often digital and waterproof. It should be durable and ready for wear and tear. This watch will match well with athletic shorts, athletic tops and sweats.

Step 5

Experiment and mix and match your watches with your clothes. You may find that some of your watches mix well with some of your other clothes. Dark-colored watches seem to blend and mix well with other clothing. For instance, a dark-colored band on a sport watch can often go well with your casual clothing. Matching colors will often do the trick when matching your watches with your clothes. You will find that the darker the color of the band, the more it will blend in with the rest of your wardrobe.

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