How to Make Your Own Barney Decorations

Matthew Peyton/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Singing, dancing and reminding children to use their imagination, Barney the Dinosaur is a lively and popular theme-choice for a toddler's birthday party. The array of Barney-inspired birthday decorations available in stores may tempt you to spend big bucks, decking out the party space in licensed Barney merchandise. Save your money for gifts and cake. Make your own first-rate Barney decorations from inexpensive, easy-to-find materials.

greet guests the minute they arrive with a path of Barney footprints that lead to the front door. Draw pairs of Barney feet with purple sidewalk chalk on the concrete driveway and walkway leading to the door.

Blow up 12 purple, green and yellow balloons to match the colors on Barney the Dinosaur. Tape two large plastic "wiggle eyes", available where craft supplies are sold, to each purple balloon. Draw a smile under the eyes with a black marker. Hang all of the the balloons, spaced evenly, on the walls of your party room.

Buy purple, poster-size sheets of card stock to make your own cutout Barney decorations. Tape four sheets of card stock together with clear packing tape. Draw an outline of Barney on the center of the sheets of card stock and cut out the shape. Cut Barneys facial features from black construction paper. Glue them to the head. Use craft paint to paint Barneys stomach green and his toes yellow. Hang the large Barney in the center of a wall in the party room.

Create a tree house decoration. Paint a simple brown tree trunk, branches and green leaves on one side of a large appliance box. Cut an opening from the bottom of the painted trunk, large enough for toddlers to use as an entrance. Place a stuffed Barney and any other Barney toys inside the box. Save the piece of cardboard that was cut out.

Use the cardboard that was cut away for the treehouse opening to make a sign. Write the words, "Barney's Treehouse", on the sign in purple and green paint. Hang the sign on a wall near the treehouse.

Make your own Barney tablecloth. Cover a party table with a purple plastic tablecloth and decorate it with Barney-themed stickers.