How to Make Washcloth Snails for a Baby Shower

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Washcloths are an indispensable baby shower gift. Perfect for bathing, feeding and cleaning up drool, a pack of washcloths rarely goes unappreciated. However, the small square or rectangular container they come in is unexciting. Instead of cramming them into a gift bag or box full of other little gifts, you can fold them into towel origami snails and tape or tie them to the outside of the gift. Not only will the guest of honor appreciate your creativity but the other guests will be envious of your unique crafting skills.

Snail Body

Lay the solid colored washcloth on the work surface. Fold the washcloth in half diagonally to form a triangle.

Turn the washcloth so that the fold is parallel with you body.

Roll both edges of the triangle toward the center.

Flip the washcloth over so that the rolled edges face the work surface. The narrow end is the snail’s head and the wider end is its tail.

Snail Shell

Fold the patterned washcloth in half in order to create a rectangle.

Roll the washcloth into a coil.

Pin the loose end of the washcloth to the body of the coil with a safety pin.


Place the shell on top of the snail body. Position the components so that only a small amount of the snail's tail peeks out.

Lift the neck of the snail up against the shell. Use a safety pin to secure it to the shell. Reach inside the shell and poke the safety pin through its outer layer in addition to the neck of the snail. Doing so will hide the safety pins.

Bend the head of the snail downward. Wrap a pipe cleaner around its neck, making sure that the ends are facing upward.

Curl the ends of the pipe cleaner to make antennae.