How to Make Jamaican Jerk Spice Mix

Photos by Robin Coe

Add some Caribbean spice to your grill this summer with a Jamaican Jerk spice mix. The spice was originally created by the Arawak Natives of Jamaica. The best time to first use your spice is right after it's made. Grinding the herbs and spices with a mortar and pestle releases their oils so that you can enjoy the fragrance and taste during your grill out.

Add the red chilies to your mortar and crush with your pestle until fine. Crush enough to make 2 tbsp. Pour the crushed red chilies into your bowl.

Add the allspice to the mortar, and crush enough to make 1 tbsp. Mix with the red chilies.

Crush enough cloves to make 2 tbsp. Add the cloves to the bowl.

Use the pestle to finely grind the dried garlic. Make ¼ tbsp. of ground powder.

Finely crush 1 stick of cinnamon and add to the spice mix. Stir in ½ tbsp. ginger and 2 tbsp. thyme.

Gradually add the Jamaican Jerk seasoning to the mortar, and grind to thin any missed lumps. Use your funnel to pour the seasoning into the bottle for later use.