How to Make Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Large Groups

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Personalize the gift-giving experience by making your own Christmas gifts for a group. Since you're making many items, keep the process as simple as possible while still giving the individual offerings your own crafty touches. Bookmarks, stamped journals and hot beverage samplers are a few gifts that you can put together on your own or with help from friends.

Notable Notebooks

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Undecorated small journals, notebooks or pocket-sized calendar books serve as blank canvases to create your own customized gifts for a group of any size. Decorate the cover of each book or the end papers inside the front cover using rubber stamps and quality inks. Stamp on a design such as a Christmas tree or "Happy Holidays" along with the year, or have a stamp made of your company or organization's logo if giving the gifts to customers or group members. More general stamps include phrases such as "with love" or "dream big," or you may stamp your name on them if the gift is from you personally. Use gold or silver ink for an upscale look. If the book is thick, stamp a word or phrase over the edges of the pages, or coat the edges with a thin layer of gold or silver paint for a gilded look.

Hot-Drink Delights

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Fill small gold gift pouches or gift boxes with warm wintertime beverage options to bring comfort to just about anyone's day. Place several individually sealed tea bags in each pouch or box, such as a breakfast tea for the morning and an herbal tea for nighttime relaxation, along with one other flavored blend for a dessert drink. For another option, mix your own powdered hot cocoa blend or spiced cider mix, placing each in sealable food-grade plastic or paper bags. Include the ingredients on homemade drink mixes so those with food sensitivities or concerns know exactly what's inside before trying it.

Customized Bookmarks

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Craft bookmarks using card stock, colorful origami paper or even gift wrap, laminating each creation to make it more durable. Make an assortment with random patterns and colors of paper, or print out your own designs on colored printer paper noting the Christmas holiday, your group's name, or an illustration made by you or a child close to you. Tie a piece of colorful thread with gold and red or gold and green beads at one end to embellish each book mark. For a children's project, allow them to draw holiday images on construction paper, or draw stars with glue, sprinkling glitter over the wet glue for a festive touch.

Colorful Key Chains

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Craft key chains for a group of adults or backpack decorations or zipper pulls for elementary-aged children using key rings, beads and sturdy necklace cording. Loop an 8-inch piece of roping through each ring, folding it in half, then thread beads over both ends of the roping, tying a knot at the end to secure the beads. Use red, green and gold or silver beads for a Christmas-themed key chain, or the colors favored by an organization or team. For children, include beads shaped as cute animals or sports balls, attaching the cording to a clip-on clasp or carabiner instead of a key ring.

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