How to Make Fig Jelly


0:01 you

0:06 hi my name is Matthew Silverman and

0:08 today I'm going to show you how to make

0:09 fig jelly this recipe is very simple and

0:11 highlights the flavor of the fig for our

0:14 fig jelly we start with half a cup of

0:17 water and two tablespoons of pectin we

0:20 dissolve the pectin in the water then we

0:24 take two pounds of fresh figs one and a

0:26 half cups of granulated sugar and 1

0:29 lemon that we squeeze all the

0:31 ingredients are added to the pot and

0:33 simmered for around 20 minutes on low

0:35 heat until the fig jelly has thickened

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