How to Make Eyeliner Last

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Are you tired of your eyeliner disappearing almost as soon as you apply it? Or perhaps your skin is oilier than most, which leads to a quick makeup meltdown. Read on for a solution that keeps you from having to mess with your makeup all day.

Begin always with clean eyelids. Oil and grime are not conducive to helping eye makeup last longer, and in fact lead to creasing and smudging. Apply foundation not only on your face when you do your makeup, but on eyelids and around eye area as well. After foundation has been blended, smooth an eye makeup primer onto lids.

Stipple away any creasing in your eye area before applying your colored cosmetics. If your base isn't smooth, you can count on what you build on top of it following suit.

Put on your eyeshadow, or dust translucent powder over your lids if you are wearing only the eyeliner. Use a waterproof pencil that comes in a creamy highly pigmented formulation. Work the color into your lash lines, in between each lash to define eyes and to guarantee that no skin is showing in between your lash lines and the eyeliner. Don't worry about getting it perfect. If you don't have a steady hand, gently smudge the eyeliner with a cotton swab for a smoky effect.

Trace over the liner already on your eyes with either a liquid eyeliner in the same shade or with a powder eyeliner in the same shade. If you opt for the powder, use an angled eyeliner brush lightly misted with water. Tap off the excess product before tracing over your first liner. Applying the powder wet gives you a more vibrant and lasting finish. Allow to dry before dipping the brush into the powder eyeshadow again, dry this time. Tap off excess once more and press yet again onto the line already created. Now you have set your makeup and are sure to have eyeliner that lasts much longer.

Clean up under your eyes for a flawless and professional finish. Dusting translucent powder on the undereye area after your makeup application prevents the onslaught of oils which could smudge the eyeliner on your lower lash lines.