How to Make Edible Ribbon

cake image by Amjad Shihab from

Cake decorating is a culinary art with seemingly no boundaries or limitations. A decoration that can look good on almost any style of cake is edible ribbon. In most cases, edible ribbons are made with gum paste – a sugar-based material which is pliable yet strong. Gum paste has a soft ,claylike consistency which makes it easy to work with, regardless of previous experience with cake decorating. This material is available from most cake supply or craft stores.

Coat a 1-square-foot section on the surface of a clean table or countertop with a light dusting of powdered sugar. The sugar will create a nonstick surface.

Place a golf ball-sized piece of gum paste in the center of the powdered surface.

Roll the gum paste to an even 1/8-inch-thick sheet with a plastic rolling pin. A long, rectangular sheet of gum paste is best for making ribbons.

Cut the gum paste to the desired ribbon length and width with a fondant cutter. Fondant cutters are best to use, as the plastic cutting wheel will not damage the surface beneath the gum paste. Use a ruler as a guide to ensure straight cuts.

Sprinkle luster dust over the gum paste to give it the appearance of shiny fabric ribbon.