How to Make Cheap Table Decorations for Parties

party table with blue graf image by araraadt from

A decorated table lends a visual ambiance to any celebration, be it a wedding anniversary, a birthday party or an intimate dinner. However, dressing up a table for visual effect can be expensive. Centerpieces, tablecloths and fresh flowers can sometimes cost an arm and a leg. If you're especially crafty, or know which colors you want to use to adorn the party space, you can create gorgeous accents for the party that will fit your budget.

Find a cheap tablecloth at the local party supply store in one of the colors you've chosen for your party.

Trace shapes or designs on the tablecloth with the glue stick. For instance, make a large letter of the guest of honor's first initial if the party is for a birthday, or trace a border around the tablecloth so that the cloth will have sparkly trim.

Sprinkle glitter on the shapes or designs to make them beautifully noticeable.

Drape the tablecloth across the table after the glue dries.

Select affordable synthetic flowers that match the party colors.

Purchase a vase that matches the colors of the synthetic flowers.

Tie a ribbon around the vase, and place the flowers inside before placing the vase in the center of the table.

Select construction paper in various coordinating colors for placemats. Cut the construction paper into ovals or triangles for a more appealing or interesting shape.

Cut pieces of the remaining synthetic flowers and place the flower pieces flat on top of the construction paper.

Apply the laminate paper to the construction paper to complete the placemat and showcase the flower petals.

Place the mats at each table setting.

Place a candle in a matching color next to each placemat, and light the candles at the party for a warm and intimate effect.

Trim the party table with Christmas lights if you want a more festive look.