How to Make Ball Wedding Bouquets

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The ball wedding bouquet makes an elegant floral piece for the bride or bridesmaids to carry. It can be simple, with one color and flower type, or it can be a potpourri of colorful blossoms to fit your theme. It's a good idea to experiment with a smaller craft foam ball and silk flowers first so you can determine what size will be just right for your wedding.

Place floral foam in a large bowl of water. Do not push on the foam; just allow it to sink slowly into the water until it is completely saturated.

Fold cording to make a loop the size you feel will be comfortable for you. Tie a strong knot to complete the loop. Cut away excess cording with scissors and set aside.

Push greening pins through the knot in the cording and into the foam ball. You can use pieces of wire bent into hairpin shapes instead of greening pins if necessary. This will be the top of the wedding ball. Place two more greening pins or wire into the cording and foam to securely hold cording in place.

Cut a 4-inch piece of green-coated wire stem from a silk flower. Pinch one end of the wire stem and bend it into a hook shape. Drive the end of the wire into the foam ball and press the hooked portion into the center of the cording knot for more security. This cording must hold the weight of the entire piece. You can apply adhesive that is suitable for craft foam to the area as well. Let the adhesive dry before continuing.

Cut the silk or fresh flower stems to 3 1/2 or 4 inches. Begin at the top of the ball and push the stems, one by one, into the foam. Check that each flower is firmly in place as you continue. Cover the foam entirely. Hang the ball wedding bouquet in a safe and cool place until it is time for the ceremony.