How to Make Aromatherapy Pillows

Making aromatherapy pillows is easy and cost effective. Aromatherapy pillows are good for relieving sore muscles and a stiff back or neck. Heat one for 1 or 2 minutes in the microwave for a hot pack that will loosen up tight muscles, or place one in a plastic bag and toss it in the freezer to be used as a cold pack to relieve swelling. They can be made in less than and hour and the materials for the insides can be found in your local supermarket or health food store.

Mix 1 ½ cup of flax seed with 20 drops of lavender essential oil in a mixing bowl and place to the side to dry.

Cut two squares of fabric measuring 8 ½ x 8 ½ inches.

Fold and press ½ inch of one side of each square toward the wrong side of the fabric. This will be the clean edge of your closed pillow. Sew closed.

Place the rights sides of the fabric squares together and pin. Sew three sides with a straight stitch along a ½-inch seam allowance, leaving open the folded edge that you just created. Go back over the all three seams to reinforce.

Flip right side out. You should have a mini pillowcase with an opening with a folded clean edge. Press seams.

Measure a cup of flax seed and lavender and pour through a funnel into your mini pillowcase. Do not fill to the top. Leave enough room to sew your pillow shut.

Sew the pillow closed with a ½-inch zigzag stitch. The zigzag stitch will prevent the seam from opening and act as decoration.