How to Make an Invisible Hairline With Sew-In Hair

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Hair extensions are a marvel of modern technology that allow women to change the length, quality, color and thickness of their hair at an increasingly affordable price. Hair extensions come in "wefts" of both synthetic and human hair that can be sewed or glued into the hairline. Sew-in hair extensions are generally preferred because they are secure on the head and look the most realistic. You can create an invisible hairline by sewing the extensions into the middle of your head and allowing the top section of hair to sit over them.

Wash and blow-dry your hair.

Part your hair into two horizontal sections with a tail comb. If the hair is thick, part just above the ears, if the hair is thin, part just below the ears. Twist the top section of hair into a bun and secure it on top of the head with a hair clip.

Comb the bottom section of hair straight. Cornrow the hair in the bottom section into five or six separate sections. The cornrows can run horizontally or vertically along the scalp. However, longer hair will be more suitable in a horizontal cornrow that can be wrapped around the head. These cornrows will be used to anchor the hair extensions to the hair so make sure they are as tight and as close to the head as possible. Secure each braid with an elastic band.

Thread your needle. Position the first hair weft on the bottom half of the head. Insert the needle through the weft at the very top of the first extension on the far left hand side in a downward motion. Gently loop the needle through the middle of a hair braid and back out in an upward motion. Insert the needle through the hair weft again a little to the right of your last stitch, through the hair braid, and back out. Repeat this process until you have sewed the hair extension to the braid.

Repeat Step 4 with any remaining hair extensions.

Undo the hair clip holding the top section of hair in place and comb it gently over the top of the hair extensions to conceal them.