How to Make an 18th-Birthday Invitation for a Girl

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Planning an 18th-birthday party can be a fun but daunting task. One of the crucial aspects of the planning process is creating the perfect invitations. Your invites should reflect the theme of the party but include all the information your guests need to know. There are lots of creative ways to make invitations that are suitable for a young woman turning 18. It is simple and inexpensive to make invitations that include personal touches such as photographs.

Open a basic editing program on your computer. Choose a blank 6-by-4-inch document to create your invitation with. This format will create an invitation that is suitable to print on standard-sized photo paper.

Select a background color or pattern. Keep your color coordinated with the party or favorite color of the guest of honor. Alternatively, your editing program may give you the option to choose a decorative background by clicking on the “background” tab. If so, choose a background such as polka dots or stars.

Insert an image of the guest of honor by selecting “Insert,” then “Picture.” Choose a photograph of her as a baby or as she is now. To avoid causing her any embarrassment, ask her to choose a favorite photograph.

Drag the images to where you want them to be on your page or to change the size. To do this, click your cursor onto the image and drag it into position.

Add clip art to your invite that matches the theme of the event. Include images of cocktails if the 18th is a “mocktail party” or images of palm trees for a luau party. Experiment with changing the size of the clip art or adding a decorative border until you are happy with how it looks.

Click “Insert,” then “Text box” to include details of the party. You should include the date and location of the party and details of how to RSVP. Include a fun title such as "Hannah's 18th Birthday Bash." It is important that you include all the relevant information. Ask a friend to proofread your invitation for spelling and grammatical errors.

View your invitation in print-preview mode to check you are happy with it. If there is an element of the design you do not like, go back and edit before printing. Load your printer with 6-by-4 photograph paper and click “Print” when you are satisfied with the appearance of your invitation. Select how many invitations you would like to print.