How to Make a T-Shirt Skirt

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Make a T-Shirt Skirt. This T-shirt skirt design is a panel skirt made of old T-shirts, lace, other material or scarfs. Make your T-shirt skirt panels from the same fabric or design, or mix it up and create your own fabric design. This design is inexpensive and simple to sew.

Make the Waistband

Pick an old T-shirt for the waistband. The shirt should be form-fitting at the waist.

Cut the top of the shirt to create the waistband. You should have about 4 inches of fabric left for this design.

Put the waistband around your waist to make sure it is snug. If the shirt is not tight enough, take in the sides so it fits.

Fold the waistband over to create the width of the band.

Make the Skirt

Measure around the hips and from the waist down to the desired skirt length.

Create the panel pattern. Measure 6 inches into the paper and mark a line 7-inches long. At a 45-degree angle, draw a line the length of the skirt out from the edge of the 7-inch line. Repeat the process at the other end of the 7-inch line. This gives you a wedge shape. Cut the wedge out of the paper.

Cut off the hem from the sides of the old T-shirts. Also cut off any arms or collars from the shirt.

Lay the T-shirts flat and cut out the panels. The panels should be about 6 inches at the waist and hips. Cut enough panels to go around your waist and hips.

Sew the panels together with a 1/2-inch hem on each side of the panel. Hem from the underside of the dress.

Slide the panels onto the waistband in your preferred design. Attach them 1 inch from the bottom of the band.


  • Add decoration or designs to the dress if you wish.

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