How to Make a Spanish Wedding Veil

Detail of white wedding veil with headdress.Over white image by Marek Kosmal from

The wedding veil is a traditional part of the bride's accessories. A Spanish wedding veil, also called a mantilla, which is worn over the head and shoulders, is intended to lie flat and not interrupt the bride's profile. You can make your own Spanish wedding veil as a memorable part of your day or the wedding day of someone you love. You will not only save money, but create a unique element and timeless keepsake of the celebration.

Visit a fabric store to shop for tulle. Tulle is the most commonly used fabric in Spanish wedding veils. Take a swatch from the wedding gown if you intend to match the colors. Purchase the amount of tulle for your desired length. Traditional veil lengths are classified by where on the body the veil falls. Traditional lengths include shoulder length, 20 inches long; elbow length, 30 inches long; fingertip length, 36 inches long; waltz, 45 inches long; or cathedral length, which is floor length.

Purchase lace trim to sew onto your veil. Lace comes in a variety of colors, styles and widths. Choose the lace that you prefer. Purchase enough lace to cover the entire outer edge of the veil, or at least three times the length of the tulle purchased.

Lay out the tulle on a wide, flat surface. Smooth it out with paper weights over small heavy objects along the edges. Use an oval or circular pattern to trim the tulle to your desired size.

Cut your lace trim in the desired length based on the circumference of the shape of the tulle. Using needle and thread or a sewing machine, attach the lace trim to the tulle covering the entire outer edge of the material.

Attach the tulle to the hair comb with a needle and thread at one edge where the tulle and lace meet. Stitch through the tulle to firmly attach the comb to the veil.