How to Make a Snake Skin Belt

Want a snakeskin belt but have issues with either the price or the idea of using some animal's skin? No fear--you can have your snakeskin belt for a fraction of the cost and make it from real or faux snakeskin by simply sewing your own. While sewing with various hides is usually complicated, making a belt is a great way to determine if this type of project is for you. The process is simple and you will likely find that sewing your own accessories is far more accessible than you previously believed.

Take your measurements to determine how long the belt should be. If you wear your pants around your hips, measure there instead. Measure over your clothes because they will factor into the length of the belt. Add six inches to the measurement to determine how long your canvas piece should be and six inches to determine how long your snakeskin piece should be. Therefore, if you want a belt that is 32 inches long because your waist is 26 inches, your canvas piece will be 32 inches long and the snakeskin piece will be 34 inches long.

The canvas piece should be the actual width that you want the belt to be (probably not less than one inch) and the snakeskin piece will need to be twice this plus about 1/2 inch. Therefore, if you want a belt that is two inches wide, your canvas piece should be two inches wide and your snakeskin piece 4 1/2 inches wide.

Cut the pieces of fabric using your measurements. Use the metal ruler to guide your scissors as you cut the canvas. To cut the snakeskin, lay it flat on the cutting board and cut it with the razor knife. Use the metal ruler to keep these cuts straight as well.

Sew the canvas strip into the snakeskin. This will increase the durability of your belt and make it a little more substantial. Place the canvas strip in the center of the snakeskin. The side of the skin you want to show when the belt is done should be face down at this time. Leave an inch of extra fabric on each end of the canvas. Fold the snakeskin over the canvas strip so the edges of the skin overlap in the middle. Pin them in place, then sew down the center of the strip using a zigzag stitch. This will secure the snakeskin around the canvas strip and will not show on the front of the belt.

Sew the ends of the belt over. One end can be folded on an angle if you like. The other end should be looped around the middle bar of the loop buckle before being sewn securely. You can use the machine and a zigzag stitch for this or you can hand sew the ends using the needle and thread. Once you are done, your new snakeskin belt is ready to wear. Simply thread the angled end of the belt through the loop buckle, pull it as tight as you want and enjoy your glamorous (and homemade) snakeskin belt.