How to Use a Jewelry Polishing Cloth


How to Use a Jewelry Polishing Cloth. Jewelry is a special investment and when cared for properly can last a lifetime. Using a jewelry polishing cloth, one that contains a polishing compound on one side and a buffing surface on the other, will not only bring back your jewelry's natural luster and shine, it will also cut down on costly cleaning chemicals. Here are some simple instructions to follow when using your polishing cloth.

Hold the jewelry to be cleaned firmly in one hand while carefully rubbing the compound side of the polishing cloth over all surfaces of the jewelry. Allow the cloth to fit into the natural grooves of the jewelry.

Turn the polishing cloth over to expose the buffing side of the cloth. Massage this side over all surfaces of the jewelry in order to remove the compound previously applied.

Continue to apply pressure to the cloth as you rub it over the jewelry. This will buff the jewelry to a sparkling shine.