How to Make a Rave Leg Warmer

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Furry, fuzzy, fluffy leg warmers in bright patterns are a popular accessory when going to a rave. In addition to adding eye-popping color to your outfit, they also hide your shoes. When no one can see if your shoes match your outfit, you can wear your most comfortable pair so you can dance all night long. Making your own rave leg warmers helps ensure they are the perfect length and coordinate with your favorite club outfit.

Measure around your leg where you want the leg warmer to sit. Using this measurement, cut two pieces of elastic.

Using this same measurement, add 1 inch. This is the top leg measurement. Add 5 inches to the original measurement. This is the bottom leg measurement. Measure your leg from where you want the legwarmer to sit to the floor. Add one inch. This is your length measurement.

Draw a trapezoid on the large paper using these measurements. Use your top leg measurement for the top line of the trapezoid. Use your bottom leg measurement for the bottom line of the trapezoid. Use your length measurement for the distance between the top and bottom lines. Cut out the trapezoid.

Lay the paper pattern on the fake fur and cut out two pieces.

Pin the elastic to the top of the trapezoid. Stretch it slightly to make up for the difference in lengths. Sew a straight seam. Fold the fur in half, right sides facing, with the elastic side on top. Sew a straight seam. Hem the bottom.