How to Make a Mohawk With Short Hair

by Jessica Collins ; Updated September 28, 2017

The mohawk is a classic hairstyle that became popular with punk rockers in the early 80s. Learn how to create this edgy hair style with short hair in this simple tutorial.

Step 1

This look requires a comb, gel, and hairspray. Start by combing the sides of the hair down.

Step 2

Separate out the hair that will go up in the mohawk and comb this hair forward.

Step 3

Apply a dime size amount of gel and slick down the sides and back of your hair.

Step 4

Apply another dime size amount of product to your hands and apply to the sectioned hair.

Step 5

Comb both sides of the sectioned hair to the middle of the crown.

Step 6

Add more gel to the hands and bring the two sections of hair together upwards, pressing the hands together to slowly form a mohawk.

Step 7

Run the hair between your palms making sure the hair catches the gel to hold the hair in place.

Step 8

Apply a generous amount of hair spray to your mohawk. Be sure to apply from root to tip.

Step 9

Enjoy your new edgy mohawk.

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