How to Make a King Costume

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A child enjoys the power that comes from portraying kings in his make-believe games, whether he lords over his toys or younger siblings. However, he might not feel very royal in jeans and a tee-shirt. You can make him feel like a king for a day by creating a simple cape and crown.

Cut red material the length of the child’s height and the width the distance between shoulders.

Glue cotton balls along the edges of the sides and bottom of the cape. Place cotton balls close together to create the look of continuous fur trimming.

Sew Velcro onto the top corners of the cape, attaching the right side Velcro onto the underside of the cape and the left onto the top side. When fastened, the right side will overlap the left.

Sew gold button onto the top right corner. This button serves decorative purpose and is not used in fastening the cape.

Cut tag board into a strip an inch longer than the diameter of the child’s head and six inches high.

Cut symmetrical triangles out of one long side of strip to form points.

Spray both sides of the tag board gold.

Tape the crown together to form a ring, letting the edges overlap slightly and taping vertically on both sides of the tag board.