How to Make a Homemade Belt Buckle

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Many people like big, flashy belt buckles but can never find one that fits their style. Designing your own belt buckle allows personalization of the buckle. Plain metal belt buckles as well as engraving tools or accessories to glue to the buckle are available. Buckles with animals or other designs are also available and can be personalized by adding on beads, sequins or studs with a hot glue gun.

Choose the type of belt buckle you want. Plain metal buckles can be purchased in stores like Walmart or Sears or can be purchased online. If your belt is a certain color or has designs, it's best to match the buckle to the color of the belt.

Draw out the design or style you want on the buckle. Initials can be engraved or accessories can be attached to the buckle. Search online for different ideas for the buckle.

Engrave initials or a full name into the metal using the engraving tool. Place the buckle into a vice to hold it still while you engrave. Use block letters or cursive writing for your engraving. Search online for different styles when engraving initials. Wipe the buckle with a clean cloth to remove any metal shavings.

Glue accessories such as beads, sequins, rhinestones or buttons onto the buckle with a hot glue gun. Allow the glue to dry and make sure the pieces are secure.

Attach the belt buckle to your belt. Wrap the belt around your waist and clip the buckle into place.