How to Make a Graduation Time Capsule

You will find few better ways to reminisce at your class reunion than popping open a time capsule and exploring its contents. The memories brought about by handling these artifacts can make the entire event worthwhile. If it’s too late to create a time capsule for your graduating class, suggest your high school-age children organize one before graduation.

Set a date to have a ceremony for the filling of your time capsule. Make it close to graduation.

Ask class members each to bring something small that captures the essence of their high school or college class experience or something that reminds other class members of a funny or special memory of them.

Gather together memorabilia from your class. Include a class yearbook, school newspaper, notes from teachers, a varsity jacket, newspaper articles and the like.

Have someone take photos or videotape the ceremony as each class member places an item in the capsule and maybe says a few words. Carefully seal the capsule after everything is placed inside.

Get permission to bury your time capsule on school property so that it can be dug up for the reunion. If burying is not an option, put someone in charge of keeping the capsule until reunion time.