How to Make a Flower Girl Dress More Puffy

by Calandra Cooper ; Updated September 28, 2017

Flower girl dresses are made puffy by underskirts.

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The flower girl’s role in a wedding is important. She can do no wrong. Any mistakes are overlooked through smiles and adoring laughter. Guiding the bride into her new life, covering her path with flower petals, the flower girl's entrance fills attendee's hearts with joy and marks the arrival of the bride. For these reason, the only other person at a wedding who should be as beautiful as the bride is the flower girl, her dress no less than perfect.

Purchase a knee-length or above-the-ankle-length dress made of lightweight fabric such as chiffon, organza, and some satins. It's easier to get the desired puffing in a dress made of lightweight fabric that is easy to walk in.

Add extra puff, support, and shape to the dress by sewing in or purchasing a child's underskirt (petticoat, pettiskirt, or crinoline) to wear with the dress.

Wrap the dress loosely in tissue paper, and store it in an acid-free box or breathable garment bag on a hanger until it's time for the flower girl to dress for the wedding.

Dress the flower girl at the last possible moment, so she is neat and pretty for the wedding, and the dress doesn't lose its puff.


  • Talk to the flower girl about her importance in the wedding. She'll take pride in caring for the dress.

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