How to Make a Double-Layered Tutu

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Embrace the ballerina within by designing a double-layered tutu. Whether your child is a dancer-in-training or you need to add an interesting skirt to your costume wardrobe, create a tutu in your spare time. Make a double-layered tutu that involves two colors of tulle in staggered layers without sewing anything. Give your tutu a bit of bling by spraying glitter all over the finished product, or embellish it with sparkling rhinestones or crystals. Use printed tulle, such as with stars, rather than solid colors, for extra shine.

Fold 1 yard of a light color of tulle in half across the center, and cut it so you have two 18-by-36-inch rectangles. Cut each rectangle of tulle in nine strips of 4-by-18 inches; you now have 18 strips.

Cut 1 yard of tulle in a dark color in half, in the same manner. Use only one of the rectangles; save the other for another tutu or craft project. Fold the 18-by-36-inch rectangle in half lengthwise across the center; cut the rectangle in half to make two 9-by-36-inch rectangles. Cut the rectangles each into nine 4-by-9-inch strips to create 18 strips.

Place the 18 light-colored strips in a single layer on your work surface. Stack each of the 18 dark-colored strips directly on top and in the center of the light tulle strips.

Wrap a 1-inch-wide strip of elastic around your waistline, or of the person’s waist who will wear the double-layered tutu. Pin the ends of the elastic together using a 1-inch-long safety pin.

Stretch the elastic band over your thighs or the back of a chair; use an object that does not cause the band to stretch beyond its size or the tutu will be too large.

Hold one of the stacks of tulle so they do not shift apart. Fold it in half over the elastic band; you can start anywhere on the elastic band, as you go all the way around. Tie the two pieces of tulle into a double knot so the ends of the strips point down; do not tie the tulle into too tight a knot or it puts too much stress on the elastic.

Add the remaining strips of tulle around the elastic; space them as evenly apart as possible, but this does not have to be precise.

Open the safety-pin and wrap the tutu around your waist, or the person wearing it. Fasten the safety-pin to wear.