How to Make a Crystal Bead Bridal Bouquet

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Make a Crystal Bead Bridal Bouquet. Put a twist on the traditional wedding bouquet by making an elegant crystal-beaded bouquet. This bouquet will glisten and shimmer as you walk down the isle, and it will last forever. Make matching bouquets for bridesmaids and even mini-bouquets for corsages.

Cut wire into 30-inch pieces. The longer the wire, the bigger the bouquet.

Slide a crystal bead to the middle of each wire. Bend the wire in half around the bead.

Put a metal hook (used to hold cups or small objects on a wall) into the end of a cordless drill. Tighten the wire with this tool.

Slip the beaded end of the wire on the drill hook. Hold the other end of the wires with pliers and push the drill button. The wires will wrap together tightly.

Use the pliers to tightly wind the wire near the bead. Clip the loose ends of the wire with a wire clipper.

Make as many of the beaded wires as you want for the bouquet. Arrange the beaded wires into a bouquet.

Wrap the base of the bouquet with wire to tightly secure it. Use a decorative ribbon to wrap around the base and tie a bow.


  • Use any size or color beads. The beads don't have to be crystal; glass or plastic will work.

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