How to Make a Cool Tattered Skirt

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A tattered skirt is a skirt comprised entirely of strips and pieces of fabric. You can make the skirt of one type of fabric or many, in one or more colors to achieve any look from a ballerina tutu to a punk rock mini skirt. Buy fabric for the skirt or cut old garments to make the skirt. For a truly meaningful piece, cut old T-shirts and use the logos and memorable emblems for your skirt.

Measure your waist using the tape measure.

Subtract 1 inch from the measurement.

Cut the elastic to the measurement in Step 2.

Stretch the elastic across the 2-yard length of the fabric.

Put the wrong side of the elastic on the right side of the tulle, overlapping the elastic and fabric edge by 1/2 inch.

Sew the elastic to the tulle in the center of the overlap using a machine zig-zag, stretching the elastic as you sew.

Line one strip of fabric up with the left edge of the tulle edge, the long side vertical. Line the top of the strip up with the bottom edge of the elastic.

Place another strip vertically, to the right of the first strip, overlapping the right side of the first strip by 1 inch, the top of the strip lined up with the bottom edge of the elastic.

Place strips per Step 8 until you have covered the width of the fabric.

Sew the strips to the fabric, using one continuous line of stitching, along the top edge of the fabric, just underneath the elastic edge. Use the machine's zig zag stitch for your sewing. You will be sewing the top edge of the strips to the fabric.

Make another row of strips of fabric per steps 7-9, placing this row 2 inches underneath the edge of the strips on top. The two rows of strips should overlap by 2 inches.

Sew the row of strips to the tulle fabric at the top edge of the fabric strips, per Step 10. The line of stitching should be hidden underneath the top layer of fabric strips.

Fold the skirt in half, right sides together, lining up the edges of the fabric. Make sure the fabric strips are even and straight into the seam.

Sew the seam, 1/2 inch from the fabric edge using a machine straight stitch.