How to Make a Braided Round Rasta Bracelet

To create a braided-Rasta bracelet, you must incorporate colors that are reminiscent of Jamaica into the design. The colors black, green and yellow are featured on the Jamaican flag. The color red, although not on the flag, is often associated with Jamaica and Rastafarian culture. To add a little interest to the braid, you can string beads or shells on the bracelet. Beads should incorporate the same color scheme -- black, yellow, green or red, and shells should be tan or black.

Cut nine 12-inch pieces of yellow, black and green string. Make sure to cut three pieces of each color. You can use a sewing thread, or a thicker piece of string.

Line up the three pieces of black string, and tie the ends of all three pieces together into a knot. The knot should not be tight, since you will need to take it down before the project is completed.

Braid the three pieces of black string together. At some point in the braid, insert one to two colored beads on one of the strings before crossing that piece of string into another braid stitch. You can use red, yellow, green and black beads, or even small shells.

Repeat the process to braid the yellow, green and if applicable, the red string. Insert the bead(s) in a different place when constructing each braid.

Remove the knots on the end of each braid. Then tie all of the pieces together in one knot.

Braid all three, or four, pieces of string together into one large braid.

Place the braid around your wrist. Hold the bracelet together with the other hand, and make sure you can slip the bracelet on and off with ease. Decide how much of the braided string is needed to fit properly.

Remove the knot from the end once you have decided the bracelet is long enough. Then tie both ends of the braided bracelet together into one huge knot. The knot will lock in the preferred size for the bracelet.

Cut away any excess string from the end of the knot with scissors.