How to Make a Bandana Headband

Making a bandana headband is useful for a variety of reasons. Aside from its place as an accessory in the fashion world, adaptable to a number of different styles for both men and women, the bandana headband may also be used to keep sweat from dripping on the face, keep hair back, or to shade the head from getting too much sun.

Lay the bandana on a table and open it completely.

Pick up one corner of the bandana with your fingers and gently fold it across to the opposite side of the headband, creating a triangle.

Take the two creased corners of the headband in your fingers and gently fold the bandana again, but this time only move half way across the bandana. Lay it down again at this point.

Fold the bandana over a third time. Make the new fold where the longest end of the bandana is resting on the triangle part.

Wrap it around your head and tie the two ends together. The knot can be in the back, in the front, or on one of the sides.