How to Tie a Bandana Around Your Wrist

Tying a bandana around your wrist can complete a look or be useful if you are working or just working out. It's an easy way to wipe sweat from your brow without stopping what you are doing. Tying it correctly will keep it from looking messy, coming loose or causing all-day irritation. You can adjust the width of the bandana on your wrist, depending on the look you are going for.

Lay the bandana flat so that it is a large square. Make sure it is smoothed out, and then fold the bandana in half diagonally so that it creates a triangle. Smooth it out and make sure all the sides meet.

Start at the folded edge of the triangle and fold the bandana over 1 to 2 inches onto itself. Continue folding it over itself until you reach the point of the triangle. The bandana should now be in a folded strip.

Flip the bandana over so that the tip of the triangle is facing up. Lay your hand down so that the back of your wrist is covering the tip of the triangle. Your open hand should be facing up at this point.

Use your other hand to wrap one side the strip around your wrist. When the first side is completely wrapped around your wrist except the tip, pull the tip up into the palm of your hand and hold it with your fingertips.

Wrap the second side of the strip around your wrist until the other tip is also at your wrist. Tie the two ends together and then tuck the knot under the bandana at the inside of your wrist. When you go to tie the two ends, pull on both of them to make the bandana snug around your wrist. This will help it stay in place.