How to Line a Goatee

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

One of the popular styles of men's facial hair is the goatee. There are two types of goatees. One is the basic goatee which is a beard that covers just the chin and is worn with no mustache. The other is the popular Van Dyke goatee, worn with a connected mustache. Unlike regular beards, goatees are not connected to the sideburns. When trimming and shaving around your goatee, you must line it to make it look neat. This can be done free-handed but it is much easier to line your goatee with a goatee-shaping accessory — an adjustable face cover that fits over your mouth in the shape of a Van Dyke goatee.

Apply shaving cream to your face without covering the goatee.

Shave your cheeks and neck but leave a 1-inch perimeter around the desired goatee line.

Adjust your goatee-shaping mask to the desired size and place it over your mouth.

Shave around the shaping mask. Hold the razor's edge tight to the edge of the shaping mask to line your goatee.

Apply shaving cream to your mustache and shave it off if you want a standard goatee. Leave the mustache if you want a Van Dyke goatee. Rinse your face and dry it with a towel to reveal your lined goatee.