How to Keep Fake Eyelashes On

Polka Dot Images/Polka Dot/Getty Images

False eyelashes make natural lashes look longer and fuller, if they are not detectable. Lashes that curl up or come loose will look fake and may be uncomfortable. Priming the eyelid and positioning the fake eyelashes correctly will ensure a better, longer fit. If you have a set of eyelash extensions, you may feel the urge to pull or tug on the enhancements. Resist temptation, and keep your false eyelashes looking perfectly curved, longer.

Prep the eye skin by wiping away any excess oils with a lint-free cloth. Clean the eye, if needed, by dabbing it with a warm cloth.

Allow the skin to dry completely before applying the fake eyelashes. Apply one layer of mascara to the top lashes. This will give the false lashes a stronger bond on which to take hold.

Trim the false eyelashes to fit your eyelid length. Use sharp scissors to snip the wider ends. Dab the eyelash strip with lash glue. Allow it to dry for about 15 seconds before applying to the eye. A sticky finish will grab the skin better.

Tap the lashes on the eye skin directly above your real lash line. Use tweezers to move them around for a perfect fit. Close the tweezers, and press down on the lash line. Hold the tweezers in place for 10 seconds to get a good grip.