How to Include a Children's Meal on a Wedding Invite

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Although many weddings are adult-only affairs, for some couples, children are more than welcome to attend. The bride, groom or both might come from a large extended family with lots of children. If you are inviting children to a wedding, a children's menu should be considered, as young children may not appreciate the upscale adult options. Include the information about the children's meals on the wedding response cards that you will send out with the invitations. This will let guests know that not only are their children invited, they are being warmly accommodated for this special event.

Decide on what kind of foods you want to serve the children at your wedding. Include a variety of options that children as young as toddlers all the way up to early teens would enjoy.

Include the children's meal options on the response card after the adult meal options. This should follow the RSVP line that indicates whether someone will attend and with how many guests.

Keep wording simple and include the two or three main entree choices. For example, you could write, "Children's Menu Selections: Chicken FingersHamburgerPizza__."