How to Host a Makeover Party for Girls

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A makeover party is a fun way for girls to embrace their feminine sides. It's like having a day at the spa, only with cake and ice cream. You can create a party that concentrates on one aspect of a makeover, like hair styling or nail painting, or you can incorporate several makeover techniques. Which you choose depends on how many girls you're inviting, how much time you have, and how many adults can contribute to the makeover.

Create the Invites

The party invitations are your first chance to set the tone for the party. Kids Party Cabin recommends creating before and after invitations. Take a photo of your child while she's deliberately messy: hair every which way, messy clothing, food on her face, however you want to go with it. Then take a photo of her all prettied up: hair perfectly groomed, face clean, a little makeup for fun, maybe even highlight her nails being done. Announce on the invitations that you're having a makeover party. If fashion is part of the makeover, ask guests to wear something plain but bring something fabulous to change into.

Set the Stage

Choose to host your makeover party at an outside venue, like a makeup lounge or party destination. Or, if you host the party at home, class it up. Create a stylish sign that says So-and-So's Beauty Parlor and place it near the door. Set up different makeover stations to cover hair, nails and makeup, says Kids Party Cabin. Have towels, mirrors and cleaning wipes handy at each. Scatter glossy fashion magazines around, or create collages of fashion cutouts and hang them up. Light some candles, drape a few ornamental lights around and have an assortment of scarves, hats, jewelry and sunglasses on hand for accessorizing. Buy a few bottles of body glitter to really add sparkle.

Serve Up Food and Entertainment

Your guests are going to want to show off once they're made over, and what better way to let them do that than have them strut down a catwalk? Choose an area to set up a runway, like a hallway, says Coolest Kid Birthday Parties. Map it out with a runner carpet, string Christmas lights on either side like running lights and aim a few spotlights (or flexible table lamps) at the end. And since everyone's focus is going to be on the fun, keep the food portable and bite-sized, recommends Kids Party Cabin. Serve hors d'oeuvres such as cheese on crackers, cherry tomatoes stuffed with cream cheese and chives, popcorn and assorted fruits along with ginger ale in plastic champagne flutes.

Pile on the Party Favors

Fill balloons with little makeover favors like mini lipsticks, body glitter and bath salt. At the end of the party, give a balloon to each guest. Let them pop it to retrieve the prize. Or, fill little velvet bags with mini favors to give everyone. Take before and after pictures of each guest with a digital camera, print them out and make as many color copies of each as there are guests. Have each guest autograph her pictures. Tuck these photos into small, inexpensive photo albums for guests to take home as souvenirs.