How to Hem Zippered Track Pants

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Although track pants come in several sizes and lengths, choice is somewhat limited. Your favorite team color may be unavailable in your desired length, or you may have received the wrong size as a gift. Whatever the situation, track pants with zippers can be hemmed.

Measure the current inseam of your track pants, as well as the length of the zipper. Try on the track pants and mark desired length adjustment on the legs themselves, or take your actual inseam and subtract from the inseam of the pants. Subtract 1-1/2 inches from this total to allow for hemming length. For example, if your desired inseam adjustment is 4 inches, subtract 1-1/2 inches and the amount to be removed will be 2-1/2 inches.

Turn pants inside out. Use a seam ripper to remove the zippers from each leg of the track pants and set aside.

Lay the measuring tape against each leg and mark the excess length to be trimmed. Trim with fabric scissors.

Set iron to "low." Depending on your iron, this setting may also be labeled as "cool."

Fold unfinished ends of fabric upward twice to create a cuff, pinning in place through the center of the cuff.

Place iron directly on top of cuffs, without using a smoothing motion. Remove and repeat until cuff has set and pins can be removed. Remove pins.

Run each leg through the sewing machine set to regular stitch, leaving the zipper vents open.

Measure the extra length needed in the zipper vents, and use a seam ripper to elongate the vent.

Position the zipper in the elongated vent teeth-side down. Stitch along each side of the zipper tape to secure zipper into place. Turn pants right side out.