How to Have a Scruffy Beard

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The idea behind the scruffy beard is that the wearer is too cool or too manly and can’t be bothered to shave. However, creating the perfect scruffy beard takes time and the proper grooming techniques. While many famous athletes and movie stars have scruffy beards, the look is not for everyone. If you are unable to grow a full beard, that is, your beard is patchy with bald spots, a scruffy beard is not likely to look good on you.

Grow your beard out. According to the website The Men's Room, "Beard scruff should not exceed a quarter of an inch in length." Therefore, grow the beard so it is longer than 1/4 inch.

Determine your beard line. According to All About Beards, to determine the beard line, draw an imaginary curved line that extends from the back of your ear to below your chin at the front of your neck. Next, draw a second imaginary line from the back of your sideburns (or where your sideburns would be if you had them), down until it crosses the first imaginary line you made. This is your beard line. Avoid shaving this area in a straight line. Use a curved line to give your neck and beard a softer look.

Set the adjustable beard clippers to "1," which is the highest setting, place the #1 comb-guard on the clippers. Trim the beard, moving the clippers from the neck toward the chin. Always work against the direction the hair grows. If your beard is unruly, you can shave the outline of the beard first with a razor, and then shave with the clippers to achieve the desired results.

Adjust the setting on the clippers if the hair is still too long and repeat the process. The lowest setting is "0," which will produce the shortest trim. Use the #2 comb-guard if you will be using the lowest setting.

Trim the mustache if the hairs hang over the upper lip. Start trimming at the middle of the mustache, working your way to the right and then the left.

Trim daily or weekly to maintain depending on your beard growth.