How to Glue a Curly Weave Hairstyle

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Some of the curly weave hairstyles that can be worn are Deep Wave, Wet & Wavy, Brazilian Wave, Afro Curl and jheri curl. These weave hairstyles can be sewn in or glued in. However, the quickest way to create the curly style is to glue it in. The key to gluing in the curly weave hairstyle is to conceal your straight hair that is underneath the weave. By doing so, it will not be so obvious that your hair is not naturally curly.

Create “tracks” for your curly weave to be placed on. To do this, create a horizontal part at the nape of your neck. Braid the section of hair that has been parted into a horizontal braid. Use a bobby pin to tuck (pin) the end of the braid.

Continue creating tracks, working your way upwards to the front of your head. The tracks should be thin, not thick. When you get close to the front hairline, leave a small amount of hair unbraided. You should leave enough hair unbraided to cover up the last track that was braided.

Remove the long weft of curly weave from the packaging. Run your fingers through the weft to ensure there are no tangles.

Lay the weft of weave on top of the track that is at the nape of your neck. This is done to to take a measurement of how long the first weft needs to be.

Cut a piece of the weave to match the length of the braided track.

Place a thin layer of weave glue along the top stitching of the curly weave. The glue should extend from one end of the weave to the other end.

Lay the weft of curly weave directly above the track that is at the nape of the neck. The weft should be placed on the scalp and not your hair.

Press and hold the weft of weave for about 60 seconds. This will give the glue time to dry.

Repeat steps 4 through 8 until you have placed the curly weave on all of the tracks that have been created.

Conceal the last weft of weave. This is done by using the loose hair that is near the front hairline. If you like, you can use a holding gel or spritz to hold the loose hair in place. This will prevent the loose hair from blowing in the wind to reveal the weave weft.