How to Give Cuff Links as a Gift

How to Give Cuff Links as a Gift. Cuff links are a simple and elegant gift idea for almost any man. An elegant or interesting pair of cuff links rounds out a pair French cuffs and suit better than any other accessory. Follow these steps to give a pair of well-priced and personal cuff links to someone you know.

Set your price range. You can find cuff links that range in price from just a few dollars to the thousands of dollars. Even though your gift is special regardless of the price, you should set your budget so you know where to look.

Think about materials. Cuff links are made from a variety of different materials, each with their own attributes. Gold and silver are among the most popular cuff link materials, but platinum, white gold and steel also make good cuff links. You can consider alternate materials like wood, leather and plastic as well.

Think about the recipient. It's important to think about the person to whom you're giving the gift when buying the cuff links. A high powered business man, for instance, will want a pair of cuff links that bespeaks elegance and seriousness. A fashion-aloof techie, on the other hand, might get a kick out of cuff links made from ethernet cords.

Order from a jeweler or online. If you want to spend a bit more money and personalize the cuff links, speak with a local jeweler. A jeweler can embed precious or semi-precious stones or engrave the recipient's initials into the cuff links.