How to Get Supplemental Dental Insurance if Your Employer's Plan is Not Enough

How to Get Supplemental Dental Insurance if Your Employer's Plan is Not Enough. Dental plans do not offer you comprehensive coverage, especially when the policy is purchased through your employer. You may find that some of the policy clauses are not adequate for even common dental treatments. You'll probably need to shell out more money and get supplemental dental insurance.

Get all information about the dental plan that your employer has purchased. Find out exactly what kind of coverage it provides. More importantly, list the kind of coverage that is not included in the policy.

Go online and learn more about supplemental dental insurance. If you do not have access to the internet, contact a local agent who can provide you information about the supplemental plans. These plans usually have clauses for expenses that are not included in a standard group policy.

Inquire about the variety of supplemental insurance options. Collect information about the companies that offer supplemental dental insurance.

Be aware that your employer may have purchased the cheapest dental plan for you. As a result, you will have to be a self-sponsor in getting supplemental insurance for comprehensive coverage. The advantage is that you will qualify for a discount, as the policy already exists for a group.

Consider buying membership in professional organizations and service groups that offer a supplemental dental plan. Credit and labor unions are some of the best resources. Alternately, join the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) if you are eligible. It provides dental coverage for its members.

Shop around and request quotes from different companies and compare plans. Choose one that suits your needs.

Find out if the plan provides coverage for a pre-existing dental condition. Inquire about restorative treatments and waiting periods.

Check the annual maximum limit before buying the supplemental plan.