How to Get a Male G-String

How to Get a Male G-String. The g-string is rising in popularity among American men, while others are still shying away from wearing one. But more adventurous men are choosing thong-style underwear for the mobility and to some degree the protection, that a jock strap affords. A g-string offers something stylish for the contemporary male buyer.

Purchase a g-string to coincide with your lifestyle and the activities you perform. Whether you're a male who prefers vigorous athletics to more leisurely hobbies like sunbathing, you should adjust your g-string selection to fit in with your day.

Wear a g-string suited for sports activities. A thong-style undergarment will offer the most flexibility for the body movements you make during athletic activity. The shape of a thong, with its wider fabric along the back, will provide the best comfort and stride to seamlessly accommodate you.

Select a g-string that is good for your body type and skin sensitivity. With this style of underwear, you'll want to keep your comfort in mind. Male g-strings come in a variety of blends, such as Lycra and spandex mixed with cotton. Choose 100-percent cotton if you have sensitive skin, since some polyester fabrics can cause itching and blotching.

Get a male g-string for a romantic evening. This style is a good choice if you want to dress for appeal. You'll find many styles of thongs that will shield your private areas while enhancing your hips, thighs and buttocks. Avoid the goofy designs worn by some male entertainers that come in the form of shiny, animal-inspired prints.

Get g-string swimwear. Decide on a g-string bathing suit if you want an all-over tan. To get the best fit, buy the same size you would for your everyday briefs. Stick with solid colors if you want to enter the world of male g-string fashion subtly. Frequent online niche sites and mail order companies for a wide selection of outdoor thongs.