How to Find the Correct Size for Men's Bib Overalls

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Men's bib overalls make a good choice for work clothes due to their roomy fit, strong construction, durable fabric and numerous pockets for organizing tools and other necessary items to have on the job. The bib styling also helps to protect shirts and skin from spills, cuts and other hazards on the job or during at-home projects. Find the correct size for men's overalls using the steps retailers and manufacturer's recommend.

Take the overall measurements. Duluth Trading Company advises: "Bend side to side to find natural waist." Measure the natural waist. Hold the tape firmly, not tightly. For accurate results, the subject should relax and refrain from holding in the stomach or holding the breath.

Measure the inseam of a pair of jeans or pants that are the correct length. Open the pants out on a counter or table with the inside leg seam face up. Place the end of the measuring tape at the juncture of seams in the crotch and run it down to the end of the leg.

Double-check the measurements and write them down.

Take the measurements with you to shop for overalls. Bring the measuring tape, too.

Select the overalls using waist and inseam size. No other measurements or sizes are necessary, because the shoulder straps are adjustable or elasticized. Check whether the overalls shrink to fit or are pre-shrunk. If pre-shrunk, measure the inseam to see if it is the same as the potential wearer's inseam. Pant legs are often longer than the stated inseam on the tag.

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