How to Find Contact Lenses If Dropped

You're primping in front of the mirror when suddenly something is amiss. You close one eye and then the other. Yup, it fell out. Your contact lens is now somewhere in the room. Don't fret; there is a foolproof way to find that missing lens before it dries into a shriveled, unusable scrap.

Grab the flashlight

Take a flashlight, and quickly scan the room. Start with your clothing, and use the mirror to check your collar and neckline. Scan your arms and sleeves.

Move to the sink area. Turn off the lights so your flashlight will illuminate one section at a time. Be sure to scan the faucet and water spout.

If you still haven't found the lens, scan the flashlight's beam across the front of your vanity and down to the floor. Take a step back and scan the floor. There's a good chance you'll find your lens at this point.

Clean the the lens thoroughly

Place the lens in your hand and rinse it thoroughly with the contact lens solution.

Fill the contact lens case with solution and place the lens inside. Depending on the amount of time the lens has been dry, you may need to let it sit for a few minutes.

Once the lens is cleaned and re-moistened, place it back in your eye.