How to Remove Something From Eye

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When something gets in your eye, you are immediately tempted to start rubbing. Don't do this as you may risk scratching your cornea and turn a small incident into a serious medical problem. Instead, you need to wash the matter out of your eye. The sooner you flush your eye, the quicker you will find relief, and the more likely the irritant will not harm the sensitive organ. Learn the proper method for washing debris from your eye.

Find a location with running water such as a restroom or kitchen. A place with a spray hose is best if accessible. Take a mirror with you if there is not one already in the area.

Clean your hands with soap and water before trying to remove something from your eye. Scrub hands for at least 20 seconds and rinse well. Pat dry with lint-free cloth.

Blink many times to try to dislodge the particle without touching your eye. Your eye should begin to tear, which might flush out the object on its own, according to If not, you will have to try to remove it with water.

Open your affected eye widely by grasping your eyelashes and pulling down the lower lid. Look for the particle causing your irritation.

Flush your eye with water. If you have an adjustable spray hose, use it at a gentle setting to run water into your water for 30 seconds. Check to see if the particle has been removed. If not, keep flushing.

Fill a small cup with water if you do not have a spray hose. Tilt your head back, hold your eyelids open with your fingers and slowly pour the water onto your eye. Repeat until the particle is washed out or you determine the method will not work.

Seek emergency treatment for your eye if you are unable to remove the object with water. Have a friend drive you. Cover your eye with a loose layer of gauze held on with medical tape.