How to Purify Water With Hydrogen Peroxide

Plastic water container

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Hydrogen peroxide has been used for years as a chemical treatment in municipal water systems. It has several benefits, including iron and hydrogen sulfide removal and the neutralization of tastes and odors. If you are camping, hiking or do not have a potable water source, it is important to purify the water to kill living organisms that may infect you and cause illness. This is a simple process, and occurs quickly because hydrogen peroxide is a fast-acting chemical agent.

Treat 1 gallon of water with 50 mL dry chlorine. Chlorine and hydrogen peroxide work well together because they offer different types of purification, and hydrogen peroxide ultimately neutralizes the flavor of chlorine. Let the chlorine sit in the water overnight.

Fill an eye dropped with 2 mL hydrogen peroxide for every gallon of water you are purifying.

Empty the eye dropped of hydrogen peroxide into the water.

Allow the mixture to sit for 15 minutes before drinking -- this gives the hydrogen peroxide time to oxidize the water and neutralize the chlorine.